QCraft Selects NVIDIA DRIVE Orin to Power Next-Generation Autonomous Driving Hardware Solution for Robobuses and Robotaxis

Beijing, China--November 9, 2021-- QCraft, a leading provider of self-driving solutions, announced today during NVIDIA GTC that it has selected NVIDIA DRIVE Orin to power its next-generation mobility solutions. Armed with NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, QCraft expects to accelerate the progress of its autonomous driving solution to meet the rigorous vehicle standards associated with the commercialization of robobuses and robotaxis.


QCraft Autonomous Driving Vehicle

With its fleet of approximately 100 self-driving vehicles, QCraft has launched in ten cities, including Suzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, Wuhan, Wuxi and Chongqing. As the pioneer of the first public-road autonomous mini-robobus [nine-seater] in China, dubbed the Longzhou ONE, QCraft operates the largest robobus fleet in the country. Also, QCraft recently announced the first 5G-enabled robobus supporting online-based ride-hailing functions in China.

Supporting the firm’s rapidly responsive implementation is the powerful autonomous driving solution called "Driven-by-QCraft".

“QCraft is committed to helping drive the evolution of intelligent connected vehicles from private ownership to shared mobility. Key to our commercialization efforts, we’re turning to NVIDIA DRIVE Orin to enable these next-generation solutions that deliver a greener, more sustainable future without sacrificing performance, or safety,” said Cong Hou, CTO and Co-founder at QCraft.

“QCraft is a leading provider of autonomous hardware solutions for both robotaxis and robobuses in China. QCraft’s selection of NVIDIA DRIVE to power its next-generation autonomous mobility solutions reflects the continued confidence we’re seeing among the transportation industry in our AI compute platform for production level-4 self-driving solutions,” said Rishi Dhall, Vice President of Automotive at NVIDIA.

In China, QCraft’s Longzhou ONE robobus is extensively used as an urban bus, last-mile shuttle and rapid transit. QCraft has proven it can safely and seamlessly operate under various scenarios, including urban congestion, harsh weather conditions, tunnels and other environments.


QCraft’s Longzhou ONE robobus

QCraft will tap the power of NVIDIA DRIVE Orin, which delivers 254 trillion operations per second (TOPS), to enable the autonomous driving capabilities and functions for its next-generation hardware for Driven-by-QCraft solution.


QCraft's Multi-sensor fusion suite for its 3rd-generation hardware solution

Recently, QCraft released its 3rd-generation hardware based on its “Driven-by-QCraft” solution. To more stably perceive information gathered on external road participants, QCraft adopts a multi-sensor fusion method in constructing a sensor system that can achieve 360-degree perception, without blind spots. This multi-sensor fusion suite can be easily deployed and upgraded with the modular design, including two long-range measurement lidars, three short-range blind spot-filling lidars, four millimeter-wave radars, nine cameras and one IMU set. As a safety guarantee, every module including sensors, a computing platform, power system and communication system are designed with full redundancy.

About QCraft Founded in 2019, QCraft, a world-leading provider of self-driving solutions, has developed autonomous driving vehicles under the Longzhou brand, which is in operation across many cities in China. The Longzhou autonomous vehicles can be applied to urban public roads, ride-hailing services, and diverse scenarios. For OEMs and other partners, QCraft also provides a toolchain for R&D in autonomous driving to facilitate their acquisition of closed-loop data.

With the vision of making a difference with technology and breaking boundaries with intelligent driving, QCraft works closely with partners from urban transportation, mobility, automobile industries, among others, to bring autonomous driving into reality and offer more secure, efficient, low-carbon travel options.For more information, please visit: https://www.qcraft.ai/en