Our Story
Qcraft was founded in 2019 with a mission to bring autonomous driving into real life.We are building the driver that can handle the most challenging driving situations in the complex urban environment. 

Our Team
QCraft’s core team members consist of top researchers and engineers from some of the world's leading self-driving companies and renowned technology companies like Waymo, Tesla, Uber ATG, Ford, Nvidia, and Facebook. Our team of experts brings a depth of knowledge, finely honed skills, and a breadth of industry experience from all aspects of key self-driving technologies including perception, simulation, motion planning, sensor, and vehicle systems. Our combined talent and passion for QCraft’s mission enables us to successfully build a world-leading autonomous system with record-breaking speed. With our unique technology path and business model, the QCraft team is set to compete globally.
Our Journey
Be Part of the Autonomous Driving Breakthrough in Real Life